Name:  David F. Hussey III

Home City/State/Province:  Tukwila, Washington USA

Age: I was born January 9, 1949 in Boston Massachusetts

Year’s racing:  I started road racing in 2000, but I raced motocross from 1970 through ’74 in New England

Race Organizations:  WMRRA and CMRA (Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association and Calgary Motorcycle Road Racing Association)

Other M/C Organizations: Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiast, and Penton Owners Association

Current racing motorcycle:  I raced a modified 1970  Penton, which was powered   by a Sachs 5 speed two stroke 125cc engine

Previous racing motorcycle: I don’t know if this counts as racing, but I once rode my younger/faster brother Larry’s Honda RS125 in the Penguin racing school at Louden New Hampshire, put on by Jeff and Eric Wood in 2002. It’s amazing how far you can lean a motorcycle over on slicks!

Tracks raced on:  Pacific Raceways (Seattle International Raceway), Spokane Raceway, Mission Raceway (British Columbia), New Hampshire International Raceway, Louden, N.H.

Favorite track?  Each track has characteristics that make it unique, and challenging.  I guess the order of my preference would be PR, then Mission, and Spokane. Spokane is last only because it’s a long drive to and from Seattle.  However the track is a blast to race on.

Most memorable racing experience?  The first time I raced at Spokane was the summer of 2002. The weather was typical for summer in eastern Washington, hot and dry.   I was riding my Penton racer, and had the track layout pretty well figured out after a full Saturday of practice, and a touch-up practice Sunday morning.   The usual suspects were there. Fowler, Bateman, Simo, Richter, etc.  These guys give no quarter or mercy, so determined they are to win.  The starter flag dropped, engines revved, and the pack took off in earnest down the long straightaway. The pecking order began to take shape by the end of the long straight.  As we rounded turn 4, someone in front went down, forcing the leaders to break off their line and go wide around the carnage. The seconds of lead they had ahead of me worked in my favor, as I had time to maneuver  to the inside line and keep on the gas, squirting ahead of the pack and finding myself in the lead!  This was exhilarating, but not quite as exciting as what happened next! As we entered the last turn before the straightaway, my bike began to buck, and an uncontrollable tank slapper ensued. I was leaned over as far as I could, and the bike was bouncing off the track with no place to go but the straw bales at the outer edge of the track. a loud disembodied voice from somewhere inside my helmet yelled OH SHIIIIT at the instant my front wheel hit the bales and cart wheeled me and my bike down the track.  The first lap wasn’t even complete, and the race was red flagged until the medics could check to see if I knew who and where I was.  Thankfully, my worst injuries were “only” bruises and friction burns.  Witnesses tell me I only had one wheel on the track at any time from turn 8 to 10 it was bouncing so badly. Geez, I guess suspension really IS important on an old bike eh?!

What started you racing?  I  guess I was influenced by watching Kenny Roberts and Freddie Spencer and the rest of those immortals racing at Louden, while I was a teenager in the 60′s and during my college years, Leguna Seca in the 70′s.

Why do you like racing?  I’ve met some of the nicest people riding a Honda.  (;-p

Other remarks:  I’ve been interested in motorcycles ever since I rode on the back of my uncle’s Harley around 1955.   I was only 6 years old then.  The first motorcycle I ever drove by myself was a brand new CB160,   I think it was in 1965, and I’ve owned all sorts of bikes since then: Jawa, Triumph, BSA, Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Penton, and Honda motorcycles (and others I can’t recall).   For a couple of years, I worked for a large bike shop, Boston Cycles and later, on the west coast, several small bike shops as a mechanic or parts dept clerk.  I’m older and supposedly wiser now, I may have lost interest in fixing other folk’s machines, but I still enjoy wrenching on my own bikes, and tho I don’t race anymore, I still enjoy the sight and sound of it!!!
P.S.  I finished the 2003 season with a double first place finish in torrential rain, in the last race of the year, and  an overall season 3rd place trophy.