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If you've got parts, services or stuff to sell, or you need a bike or parts - send me a note with your ad and I'll put it up here.   If you do manage to sell or find what you're looking for please let me know so I can take the ad down.   Of course this is my sandbox and I get to do what I want...   I'll put a date on each ad, and every once in a while when I'm thinking of it I'll probably purge old ads - so you might also need to let me know if I take down an ad that should still be up.   So here we go...


I've moved the wantads to the top of this page to make them easier to find.   There's a couple of new ads in the parts and bikes for sale section.   a clean looking 160 for sale and some scrambler pipes.   Feel free to email your ads to me.


160/175 For Sale


No ads at this time, but I'm ready to post them.


160/175 Parts For Sale


No ads at this time - send them in!


No listings at this time.  

Other Bikes For Sale

1996 Yamaha WR250 dirt bike for sale - $1800 obo.

Contact me for details - fresh engine (no time on rebuild), new swingarm bearings, new steering head bearings, new wheel bearings, new chain/sprockets, rebuilt shock, extra bodywork, extra fuel tank, extra pipe, extra silencer.




160 Racer Services
Bateman Racing and Bateman Race Engineering (that's me...) is working slowly at producing some parts.   You can read about it at   I'm working on updating the Bateman Racing website this winter, and hope to be able to keep it current.   Anyone wanting to help update the Group W site (and keep it updated) would be welcome.
email: michael at batemanracing dot com


Parts and Supplies


Many parts are now available through Bateman Racing.   I've moved all the parts for sale to the Bateman Racing website. &nbvsp Check out to see what's currently in stock.  



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