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Articles about working on the motorcycles.

Frog's 160 - Photo Copyright © 2001 Frog

160 Building - Building a Honda CB160 Road Racer - the "Fowler Formula."   Here's the basics of putting together a CB/CL 160 based roadracer.   (updated 3/07/03)

Additional Tips - Some additional tuning and improvement tips for the Honda 160 roadracer.   If your bike seems to be slower than the others there might be something in here you can use.   (updated 6/24/02)

Additional Photos - Some additional photos of various bikes.   There's a bunch of detail photos of what the Flying Circus guys have done with their bikes.   New ideas for rearsets, footpegs, brake levers, shifters, etc etc. (updated 11/14/02)

Cam Degreeing - An article on the "mystical art" of cam timing.   It's not as hard as you'd think.  (updated 2/20/08 - fixed part where it should have said "ABDC" but instead said "ATDC" - sorry for the confusion!)

Pertronix Ignitor - How to install a Pertronix Ignitor hall effect points replacement on your 160 roadracer.   (updated 3/07/03)

Coming soon - an article on curing your shifting woes. (updated 2/21/03)

General Service Data - General service data and torque values for the Honda 160 roadracer.

Honda Part Numbers - What those Honda part numbers mean and how to interpret them.

Honda CL160 Parts Catalog - The original Honda Parts Catalog for the CL160, published Nov. 1966.   The Parts Catalog shows how the parts fit together along with part numbers for each part.   It's up through page ninteen (of 75) right now.   I'll do more as I have time.   The CB is very similar.   For important stuff like the engine, they're exactly the same so this parts book applies as well.

NGK Spark Plug Key - a chart showing what all those numbers on the side of the spark plug mean.

Suppliers - A list of suppliers for your parts and supplies needs, as well as shops to do engine work, fabrication and more.   Check back occasionally - I add new entries as I find them or they're recommended to me.

Avon Vintage Tire Chart - A copy of the information chart from Avon Tires, hosted on Michael Moores www.eurospares.com website.

Dunlop Vintage Tire Chart - A page of information on Dunlop vintage racing tires, courtesy of Pro Porting at www.proporting.com.

Rim Width/Tyre Size Chart - A chart listing rim widths and tire fitment for a wide range of vintage type tires and rims.   Hosted on the Hagon Shock website at www.hagon-shocks.co.uk.



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