We are always looking for sponsors willing to supply discounts, products and/or support to the nuts who keep these vintage bikes racing.   If you're a business who can help, please contact us and let us know what you can do!   You can be certain that you'll get good billing on the webpage, listed on sponsor sheets, and good recommendations from all of us at Group W Racing wherever we go.

The businesses listed here sponsor our motorcycle racing, especially vintage motorcycle racing.  Please visit their websites, (the logos are hot links to the sponsors websites where they have one), frequent their businesses and buy their products!  Let them know you saw them on our page.  These are great sponsors with quality products.   Please let them know that their sponsorship is not in vain.

Also - if you're finding this webpage useful or entertaining please consider helping to sponsor the pages here.   You can send sponsorship money to us directly (send me an email for a mailing address) or online through Paypal at www.paypal.com using the email address michael@groupwracing.com.   Your name will be prominently displayed here on the ever popular Group W Racing webpage and we will all (especially me) be eternally grateful.   And - you can bask in the glory of helping to support some interesting folks passion for racing vintage motorcycles.

Glass From the Past is Bret Edwards in Canby, OR.   Bret makes all sorts of cool vintage bodywork and in fact made the tailsections and fairings that you see on many of the Flying Circus bikes.   This season Brett is sponsoring pretty much the entire northwest 160 grid with custom made bellypans (fully approved in advance by OMRRA tech) for a dirt cheap price.   See the wantads/parts for sale page for details.   Thank you Bret.   Everyone please buy lots of stuff from Bret and let him know that you appreciate it.   It also wouldn't hurt if you let him know that you were sent to him by the Flying Circus and Group W Racing.

Phone: 503-657-7701 or E-mail: gftp1@aol.com


Patti Bateman, Art Director and Designer
Patti did the kickass Group W Racing logo.
She's a fantastic professional artist and designer,
and a good friend of Group W Racing.
Send her a note at: PattiB@thinkhmh.com if you need design work,
business or otherwise.


Burton Motorsports
Suquamish, WA
(360) 779-6014


6115 13th Ave S.
Seattle, WA

Phil at MSI has done all of the cylinder boring, cylinder head work and manifold matching, wheel lacing and repair and general 160 bench work for years.   He's located down in the old Georgetown area south of Seattle, right around the corner from Dewey's cycle.   He's generally there from around 3pm to 11pm Tuesday through Saturday.   There's no phone, so you'll have to drop by in person.   If you do drop in make sure to mention 160 racing and either my name or Tim Fowler's.


Craig Hanson
Hanson Racing Technology
4950 Cohasset Road #4
Chico, CA 95973

Craig is very familiar with 160s and 160 racing.   He can supply pipes, pipe kits, carbon fiber velocity stacks, custom fabricated clipons and more.   He also does top quality engine work, general fabrication, and more for just about anything motorcycle related and more.   Give him a call and he can help you.   I have clipons fabricated by Craig on my 160 racer.   Craig has helped out Group W Racing a whole bunch - he deserves your business.   Group W Racing tested and approved!


Vicious Cycle
Joe Pithoud (Owner)
3961 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 285-8824

Joe is a racer and a great guy.   He also built all the Flying Circus bikes over the 2001/2002 winter season, and sponsors the Flying Circus racers.   He most certainly deserves your business.  




Phil takes a lot of great photos.   Check his website out.


Bateman Racing
Bateman Racing is me of course.   I'm currently sponsoring quite a few of the Group W Racing riders with engine work and other services.   I'm also helping out all the 160 riders in general with mechanical help, advice and help at the track.   If you need mechanical work done this winter shoot me an email - we can talk about what I can do for your bike and what it might cost.
Email: michael at batemanracing dot com


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