Honda 160 Tuning Data

General Service Data

Torque Values:

Cylinder Head (8mm): 16-21 Nm (11.6-15.2 ft-lb)

Engine cases (8mm): 16-17 Nm (11.5-12.2 ft-lb)
Engine cases (6mm): 8-9 Nm (5.8-6.5 ft-lb)

General Torque Values:

Course Thread
5mm x 0.90: 3.5-4.8 Nm (2.53-3.47 ft-lb)
6mm x 1.00: 6.3-8.8 Nm (4.56-6.37 ft-lb)
8mm x 1.25: 16-22 Nm (11.6-15.9 ft-lb)
10mm x 1.50: 31-42 Nm (22.4-30.4 ft-lb)
12mm x 1.75: 54-75 Nm (39.1-54.2 ft-lb)
14mm x 2.00: 83-115 Nm (60.0-83.2 ft-lb)

Fine Thread
5mm x 0.50: 3.5-4.8 Nm (2.53-3.47 ft-lb)
6mm x 0.75: 5.5-7.7 Nm (3.98-5.57 ft-lb)
8mm x 1.00: 13.5-18.5 Nm (9.76-13.4 ft-lb)
10mm x 1.25: 25.5-35.0 Nm (18.4-25.3 ft-lb)
12mm x 1.50: 45-62 Nm (32.5-44.8 ft-lb)
14mm x 1.50: 74-102 Nm (53.5-73.8 ft-lb)

Tune-up Data:

Fork oil capacity: 170cc (5.7 oz) - This is for the CL style forks.

Point Gap: 0.30-0.40mm (0.012-0.016")

Spark Plug: NGK D10HS (according to NGK)
Most all of our racers have NGK D8HS and D8HA plugs in them.   These are hotter plugs. Some are of the opinion that the bikes run even better with D6HS/A plugs in them. I still run 8's but may experiment.

Spark Plug Gap: 0.60-0.70mm (0.025-0.028")
Spark Plug Torque: 15 ft-lb

Carburetor float height: 19.5mm measured from carburetor surface (not gasket surface) to top of float, with needle valve spring uncompressed (important).

Valve Clearance (cold!)
Intake: 0.002" Exhaust: 0.002" (we've been using 0.003" here)

Drive chain play: 20-25mm (0.75-1.0")

Static Timing: at "F" on flywheel. Make sure to check for full advance to advanced timing line on the flywheel with a timing light.   If you're using a welded advance then time to the full advance mark.   I static time the bikes, but always check with a light to make sure it's correct when it's running.

Some Important Part Numbers:

CL style aluminum slider fork seals: P/N 91255-464-003

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