Frog's race report for Sears Point AHRMA race, 2002

Sear Point

What a weekend. Simon-Pierre had a rider go down in front of him in the 200 race on Sat. He tapped him and went down himself. We got him set up on Michele's bike for the 250 race.

In the 250 race, I was black flagged in the midst of a royal battle with Tim. The brake stay on the back had broken off the frame and was dragging on the ground. Good thing I wasn't using my rear brake at the track.

So to be ready for Sunday, we were going to busy. Simon fixed his problems with his bike and I swapped swing arms with Michele's bike.

Sun 200 race and my bike wouldn't start altho it had run fine in practice. Changed batteries, no help. Trouble shot the system and found corroded connection. Race was red flagged so I went on out and they let me run but from back of grid. Finished fourth on the track (out of about 10 riders) but I was 3 laps down. I was flying.

Sun 250 race was great, Tim and I hooked up and had a great duel. Back and forth all around the track. Simon was just behind us, ready to stick a wheel in whenever. One of the new Portland 160's slowed a bit from in front of us and joined the fray. We had a 4 bike battle going on and it was great.

Saw Scott Obermueller at the track and picked up a set of baby Cerrani forks from him.

Good weekend had by all. Not a drop of rain from the time we left thru return.