Honda Motorcycle Part Numbers

All parts on a Honda motorcycle have a unique part number. Honda divides parts into two broad categories, General Parts and Standard Parts. General parts are those unique to Honda, such as valves, pistons, gas tank etc. Standard parts are parts that follow universal standards, such as nuts, bolts and such.

General Parts

General parts have a part number divided into 3 sections, such as 22201-217-600 (clutch friction plate for the CL160).

Note that some pretty universal parts are still listed under General Parts number. For example most oil seals carry a general parts number. Luckily Honda parts fiche lists the actual dimensions for parts like this.

Standard Parts

Standard Parts have a part number divided into 2 sections, such as 93500-06032 (6mm x 32mm pan screw, for example right side engine cover).

Honda Motorcycle Product Codes

PDF file of Honda Motorcycle Product Codes.

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