Vintage Brakes

Here's an interesting anecdote regarding vintage brakes.   This happened at the first Spokane race this year (2001).   The tech inspector who was inspecting my bike grabbed the bike from in front of the number plate, grabbed the brakes and leaned back on the handlebars to check the steering head bearings as they always do.   However - this particular inspector had been inspecting modern bikes all morning, and the combination of a lightweight bike and vintage brakes ended up being a bit much for him.   He had to take two quick steps backwards to keep from falling over and getting a 160 headstock in the groin.   "Damn man - you're front brake doesn't work!" he exclaimed, or words to that effect.   When I told him that my bike had better brakes than most of the rest of the bikes he was dumbfounded.   He was still shaking his head when I rolled the bike back to our pits.