2001 Results


April 14th Pacific Raceway Simon-Pierre Smith: 1st
Mark Etheridge: 2nd
Tim Keane: 3rd
Tim Fowler: 4th
Michael Collins: 5th
David Hussey: 6th
John Bundy: 7th
Tom Deem: 8th
Brian Halbert: 9th
Ken Anderson: 10th
April 21st Portland Int'l Raceway Tim Fowler: 1st
Simon-Pierre Smith: 4th
Tom Deem: 6th
April 28th Sears Point Int'l Raceway
AHRMA National Races

200 GP - Saturday
5th Jon Munns: 5th
Paul Gaudio: 6th
John "Frog" Bundy: 7th
Tim "Fats" Fowler: 8th
Chris Page: 9th
Simon-Pierre Smith: credited with 10th but DNF

250GP - Saturday
Simon-Pierre Smith: 9th
Tim "Fats" Fowler: 11th
John "Frog" Bundy: credited with 12th but DNF

200 GP - Sunday
Jon Munns: 3rd
Tim "Fats" Fowler: 5th
Paul Gaudio: 6th
Simon-Pierre Smith: 8th
John "Frog" Bundy: 11th
(only did 3 laps after red flag restart. I did finish 4th on the track after the restart)
- J.B. "Frog"

250GP - Sunday
Tim "Fats" Fowler: 6th
John "Frog" Bundy: 7th
Jon Munns: 8th
Simon-Pierre Smith: 9th
This one finished with Tim Keene, Tim and I 3 abreast at the finish for 5th, 6th, and 7th. AND all of us got wood for it, would you believe.
- J.B. "Frog"

May 5th Pacific Raceway Tim Keane: 1st (Ducati 250)
Michael Bateman: 2nd
Brian Halbert: 3rd
Tim Fowler: 4th
Richard Richter: 5th
Eirik Nielson: 6th
Michael Collins: 7th
Mark Etheridge: 8th
Dan Hill: 9th
Ken Anderson: 10th
Simon-Pierre Smith: 11th
May 19th Portland International Raceway Eirik Neilsen: 1st
Tim Fowler: 2nd
Charlie Johnson: 3rd
Christopher Page: 4th
Michael Bateman: 5th
Jon Munns: 6th
Jeffrey McChesney: 7th
Brian Halbert: 8th
Simon-Pierre Smith: 9th
Paul Gaudio: 10th
Michael Fontanarosa: 11th
Damon Clegg: 12th (Ducati 250)
Patrick Leyshock: 13th
Charles Kraeuter: 14th
June 10th Spokane Raceway Park Michael Bateman: 1st (1,2)
Eirik Neilsen: 2nd (2,3)
Tom Deem: 3rd (3,5)
Tim Fowler (Ducati 250): 4th (5.6)
Charlie Johnson: 5th (4,7)
Simon-Pierre Smith: 6th (8,4)
Tim Keane: 7th (14,1)
Brian Halbert: 8th (7,9)
Mark Etheridge: 9th (10,8)
Michael Fontanarosa: 10th (9,10)
Ken Anderson: 11th (12,11)
Michael Collins: 12th (11,14)
Dan Hill: 13th (13, 12)
Jeffery McChesney: 14th (6,19)
June 23rd Pacific Raceway Michael Bateman: 1st (1,2)
Eirik Nielson: 2nd (2,3)
Jon Munns: 3rd (3,4)
Tim Fowler: 4th (4,6)
Chris Page: 5th (6,5)
Charlie Johnson: 6th (5,8)
Rich Richter: 7th (9,7)
Simon-Pierre Smith: 8th (8,9)
Brian Halbert: 9th (7,10)
Tim Keane (Ducati 250): 10th (17,1)
Mark Etheridge: 11th (10,11)
Jeffery McChesney: 12th (12,12)
Michael Fontanarosa: 13th (11,15)
Michael Collins: 14th (14,13)
Dan Hill: 15th (13,16)
Ken Anderson: 16th (17,14)
Gary Ricci: 17th (17,17)
July 21st Pacific Raceway Tim Fowler: 1st (2,2)
Rich Richter: 2nd (1,3)
Tim Keane (Ducati 250): 3rd (4,1)
Brian Halbert: 4th (3,4)
Mark Etheridge: 5th (6.5)
David Hussey (Penton 125): 5th (5,6)
Michael Collins: 6th (7,7)
Dan Hill: 7th (9,8)
Ken Anderson: 8th (8,9)
August 11th Pacific Raceway Michael Bateman: 1st (1,1)
Rick Richter: 2nd (3,2)
Tim Fowler: 3rd (5,3)
Tim Keane (Ducati 250): 4th (2,7)
Charlie Johnson: 5th (4,6)
Simon-Pierre Smith: 6th (8,4)
Jon Munns: 7th (7,5)
Mark Etheridge: 8th (10,9)
Jeffery McChesney: 9th (6,13)
Michael Fontanarosa: 10th (9,12)
Tom Deem: 11th (16,8)
Brian Halbert: 12th (16,10)
Ken Anderson: 13th (12,14)
David Hussey (Penton 125): 14th (16,11)
Dan Hill: 15th (13,15)
Michael Collins: 16th (11,21)
Paul Gaudio: DNF (19,18)
Chris Page: DNS (19,21)
August 11th Pacific Raceway Rich Levert: 1st (2,1)
Michael Bateman: 2nd (1,2)
Rich Richter: 3rd (3,3)
Mark Etheridge: 4th (5,5)
Michael Collins: 5th (6,6)
Dan Hill: 6th (7,7)
Ken Anderson: 7th (8,8)
Tim Fowler: 8th (14,4)
Tim Keane (Ducati 250): 9th (4,14)

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