2003 Season Racing Machines


These are the machines we race. One of these days I'll get a few more pictures and descriptions up here.

Frog and his 160 - photo copyright © 2001 Frog
Frog's CB160

Here's "The Goods" from Frog on his bike - the "interview" by Bundy.

And here's some more information on his ride.

Tim and his 160 - photo copyright © 2001 Danya Simkus

Tim Fowler's CB160

Here's "The Goods" from Tim on his bike - the "interview" by Bundy.

Simon-Pierre Smith's immaculate Honda 160 - Photo copyright © 2002 Charlie Johnson

Simon-Pierre Smith's CB160 - Smith Performance Services/Group W Racing Research and Development test mule #1

And more information on Simon-Pierre - Another Bundy interview.

Michael Bateman's 160 - Photo copyright © 2002 Carrie Mandek

Michael Bateman's CB160 - (aka - "the Kid Bundy Bike")

I took this bike over from Tim Fowler who took it over from "Kid Bundy."   It's been one of the Group W Racing research and development mules ever since.

Here's a little more on what I've done to my bike -


The White Bike, ridden this year by Mark Etheridge - Photo copyright © 2002 Charlie Johnson

Mark Etheridge's CB160 aka "The White Bike"

Formerly an official Group W Racing Rent-A-Racer, now being campaigned by Team Ika/Group W Racing rider Mark Etheridge.   Mark made fantastic progress this season, finishing 5th in the WMRRA season championship.


Dan Hill and the "Lemon Bike" - Photo copyright © 2002 Carrie Mandek

Dan Hill and his bike.   Dan had so many problems with his bike this season it earned the moniker "Lemon Bike."   He persevered anyway somehow, and managed to make huge improvements.   We continue to think "That's the last of what could be wrong with it" but so far it has kept proving us wrong.   We're hoping that a mid-winter exorcism, voodoo dance and ritual sacrifice will be successful and Dan will have a trouble free season next year.  

Copyright © 2001, 2002 Michael Bateman

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